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...and Found is the third episode of the first season of Virgin River and the third episode of the series overall.

Summary []

Mel considers being a temporary foster parent to Chloe while grappling with her own grief. Jack works to convince her to stay in Virgin River.

Plot Summary[]

After discovering Lilly breast feeding baby Chloe, Mel confronts Lilly about being Chloe's mother, to which she agrees before storming out of Vernon's surgery. At that moment, Vernon enters and is agitated that Mel has scared of Lilly, but Mel corrects him, revealing that Lilly is the babies mother. Despite this, Vernon is reluctant to believe the revelation, remarking that they do not jump to conclusions in Virgin River.

Having spent the night with Charmaine, Jack tries to leave quietly without waking her, but is unsuccessful. Charmaine tries to convince Jack to stay, offering to cook him breakfast, but Jack is reluctant, remarking that he must get back to work. Charmaine asks if they can arrange something for their two year anniversary, but Jack is persistent that they are nothing more than casual partners.

Hope talks with Vernon about Lilly and what they will do about Chloe. Lilly has shut herself away and will not talk to anyone, and Vernon is worried that Social Services will arrive before they can talk with Lilly; Vernon is angry at Mel, but she remarks that she was legally required to report the abandoned child nonetheless. Mel suggests that Lilly could be suffering from Postpartum Depression, but Hope argues that Lilly has never been depressed, but remarks that her husband died six months prior. Mel remarks that Postpartum Depression can appear suddenly, and offers to step in and become a temporary caregiver for Chloe to prevent Social Services taking her into their custody.

At the bar, Jack begins preparing a lunch for him and Mel, when he is interrupted by Hope, who asks about the current situation. Hope pleads with Jack to do everything he can to keep Mel in Virgin River, especially with her becoming Chloe's temporary caregiver. Meanwhile, tensions between Preacher and Brady, with the latter trying to change how things work around the bar. Nonetheless, he is attempting to switch to a more traceable way to pay vendors, but has trouble with Paige, who remarks that she, nor the bakery, have a bank account, but Preacher makes an exception for her on this occasion.

Jack takes Mel to the river in a further attempt to convince her of the novelties Virgin River has to offer, but Mel is still reluctant to accept that one day she may call Virgin River home. She is plagued by visions and flashbacks of the moments following the loss of her child and the Postpartum Depression that she herself experienced.

Jack and Mel return to Hope and Vernon, where Vernon tries to apologise for his behaviour and to ask for Mel's help and expertise as a Midwife. Vernon has trouble apologising, however, and ends up blaming Mel more for calling Social Services. Hope becomes annoyed at Vernon and tells him to wait for Social Services whilst she, Mel, and Jack try and talk to Lilly.

Arriving at Lilly's farm, Mel talks with Lilly, who is reluctant to take the baby back due to struggling herself with the farm. Mel explains that Postpartum Depression can alter perceptions of reality but is treatable. She is able to convince Lilly to talk with Hope whilst she and Jack explore the farm. Jack and Mel explore the farm and get to know each other more, with Mel explaining more about her childhood and her sister.

Jack and Mel return to the cabin, but find that Hope has had little success convincing Lilly to keep the baby. Mel tries to talk with her, explaining her own history with Postpartum Depression and losing a child. Mel explains that she is a registered caregiver and can prevent Chloe becoming a ward of the state until Lilly is ready to take over again; a concept which peaks Lilly's interest.

Mel's efforts are eventually successful, and Lilly talks with the Social Services worker and the two eventually come to an agreement: Lilly will get help with her depression and Lilly's daughter will take care of Chloe in the interim. Mel is happy with the outcome as are the others.

Hope is still furious with Vernon and trying to fight for Mel. She is eventually able to convince Vernon to hire Mel back at the surgery, but as she is leaving, Hope collapses in the driveway. Vernon witnesses this and is able to come to Hope's aid.

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  • It is revealed that Lilly is the mother of the abandoned baby.
  • Mel draws on her own experience of losing a child and experiencing Postpartum Depression.
  • Mel is both fired and rehired at Doc's surgery in this episode.