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A Wounded Heart is the fourth episode of the first season of Virgin River and the fourth episode of the series overall.

Summary []

Hope's health scare prompts a difficult conversation with Doc. Charmaine asks Mel uncomfortable questions. Paige keeps secrets.

Plot Summary[]

Mel and Vernon assist Hope back home following a hospital appointment since she collapsed previously in the driveway. Hope is reluctant to take their help, and tries to dismiss them, particularly Vernon, but the two both remark that Hope must make certain lifestyle changes following her mild heart attack; Hope is reluctant to listen, however, and enforces her stubbornness every time a suggestion is made.

Jack arrives moments late at Hope's house with a gift for her, a healthy, quiche in light of her lifestyle changes, but Hope finds it revolting, and dismisses the prospect of eating it. The meeting is awkward for both Mel and Jack following the revelation of the relationship between Jack and Charmaine. This is noticed by Hope, who entices the two to work through their problems, given Hope is reliant on Jack to convince Mel to remain in Virgin River. The two work together to bring a comfier mattress downstairs, but Mel initially refuses Jack's help, remarking that she herself can carry out the task. Eventually, she is forced to accept Jack's help after the two talk through the event.

Hope decides that following her heart attack she must make some changes in her life. Following this, she hands Vernon a stack of divorce papers, and it is revealed that the two have been married for the past twenty-years but living apart following an unfaithful spell on Vernon's behalf. Vernon is confused, and pleads with Hope to reconsider, but she is reluctant, and asks for Vernon to sign the papers.

Hope is surprised when Charmaine visits her later in the day, and it becomes clear that the two are not friends. Things become awkward for everyone involved when Charmaine realises that Mel is also at the house helping Jack; nonetheless, Charmaine agrees to stay for dinner at Hope's house.

Meanwhile, Paige stops by Jack's Bar to collect dinner, and talks with Preacher about her son and his possible education prospects, but Paige remarks that she fears he would be bored with the standard curriculum. As she is leaving, Paige bumps into a woman asking for directions who recognises her as an old classmate from college. Nonetheless, Paige remarks that she is not the woman in question and does not know the woman, given that she never attended college herself. Afterwards, Preacher questions Paige about the ordeal, revealing that she told him she has a psychology degree, but Paige says this is a case of mistaken identity; it becomes clear that Paige and her son are in hiding.

At Hope's dinner, tensions rise between Charmaine and Mel when Charmaine begins asking questions about Mel's husband and when he will be joining her in Virgin River. Mel remarks that he won't, and excuses herself from the conversation when she receives a call from Joey. Mel explains the conversation, and agrees that the confusion has arisen over the fact that she is still wearing her wedding ring. After the call, Mel returns to dinner to find Charmaine and Jack leaving.

After Charmaine leaves, Mel remains behind to help Hope clean up. Mel remarks that Hope doesn't like Charmaine much, to which Hope agrees, and the two talk about Charmaine for a little while before Mel leaves for the night. The morning after, Hope notices Vernon sleeping outside of her house and goes out to offer food. The two talk, and Hope is adamant that she is not changing her mind about the divorce and asks Vernon to draw up new divorce papers with the current date.

Mel arrives at Jack's Bar after a morning run and explains that she needs to go to Myrtle Farm to pick up some organic food for Hope. Jack offers to take her, but the two become stranded when Jack gets a flat tire. The two talk whilst waiting for a tow truck, but the conversation becomes awkward and tense when the topic of Charmaine and the situation with Jack is brought up. Mel makes it clear that Jack and Charmaine are in a relationship even if Jack cannot see it, but tells Jack that Charmaine deserves to know where she stands. Shortly after, a vehicle passes by the two and begins questioning Jack and Mel about their reasoning for being on the road. The man pulls a gun and demands that Mel come with him when he finds out that she is a nurse practitioner.

Back in Virgin River, Paige is seen changing the colour of her son's hair using a box dye. When he asks how long they must carry on, Paige remarks that she must ensure they're safe.

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  • It is revealed that Hope McCrea and Vernon Mullins are married in this episode.
  • After bumping into a college friend, it is revealed that Paige Lassiter may be a false identity assumed to keep Paige and her son safe; it is not revealed what they are running from, however.