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"Blindspots" is the eighth episode of the second season of Virgin River. It is the eighteenth episode of the series overall.


While Jack helps Mike zero in on Calvin, Mel and Doc investigate a mysterious outbreak that could be related to food poisoning. Hope learns a secret.


Jack begins smashing up the room above the bar to both vent and prepare for the birth of the twins. He finds it difficult, however, and when the tool hits him in the leg, he receives a large gash and begins to bleed. He attends the clinic where he bumps into Mel, who tells him that he needs stitches. She obliges and gives him the stitches, but is forced to jump into further examinations when the practice becomes over run by sick patients. Vernon and Mel bump heads over who will question and who will treat the patients, and Mel becomes increasingly annoyed that Vernon is treating her like his assistant again.

Connie arrives at the bar and tells Preacher that she will cover for him and Paige, given that they aren't friends, therefore she is perfectly placed to be his alibi. Preacher is reluctant to take aid from Connie and does not want her implicating herself, but she tells Preacher to be at her place later and bring something that he can get dirty. Afterwards, Connie returns to the table of girls and they discuss the relationship between Hope and Vernon, with Muriel remarking numerous times that the relationship will more than likely not last; they all wonder if the two will renew their vows, but their conversation is interrupted when Hope arrives at the bar.

Jack asks Hope to take a journey with him, and the two look at a house in a neighbouring town. Hope is able to negotiate 10% off the asking price, which allows her to ask why Jack is looking at the property. He tells her that the place above the bar isn't child friendly, therefore is thinking of moving into the property with Charmaine if it means that he is closer with his children and there are no fights over how and when he can see the babies. Hope goes to get her hair done afterwards and, despite her asking not to, Charmaine tells her that her aunt asked her to move to Portland and she is considering it; this puts Hope in a difficult position with Jack once again.

Jack meets with Spencer outside of Calvin's camp, and is able to convince him to provide intel on Leo and his interactions with Calvin. He promises that Spencer and his family will get out of Virgin Rivrer alive and safe should he aid the investigation, to which he agrees to. Afterwards, Jack tells Mike that they have someone on the inside, but that they will have to work discreetly and protect Spencer's identity.

When patients begin with a new symptom of shortness of breath, Mel and Vernon begin suspecting that there may be something more at play than food poisoning. Mel talks with Jamie, Preacher and Jack about the issue, and Jamie suggests that it could be a deliberate attempt at sabotage by a rival restaurant or something of the sort. Preacher doesn't want to believe that someone in Virgin River would sabotage them deliberately, but Jamie assures him that the industry is hostile at every opportunity.

Hope arrives home to find Vernon has already eaten, causing her anger at the fact that Vernon asked her to take time out of her day to cook for him; he remarks that since she didn't do the cooking, she shouldn't worry. When Hope tells him of the news Charmaine told her, Vernon becomes furious at Hope meddling in Jack's affairs once more, but is reluctant to believe that she is the innocent party this time. Vernon storms out of Hope's house in anger, but it seems more is to blame for his off mood than meets the eye.

Ricky heads over to Lizzie's house where they hang out, but Ricky immediately becomes scared of the idea of them having sex, given he is a virgin. He tells Lizzie this, but thinks that she will turn him away, but she too remarks that she is a virgin too. The two opt to continue watching Stranger Things together instead of having sex.

Meanwhile, Preacher heads over to the Sheriff's station as requested of him, but finds that the Sheriff has been distracted by an abandoned car. When Preacher asks why an abandoned car is of interest to the Sheriff, it is revealed that the car belongs to Wes, who is now a missing person. Preacher begins to worry that his situation is getting increasingly worse as the lie persists.

Calvin brings Brady to the woods, citing that since the deal with the farm fell through — which Calvin blames on Brady's friendship with Jack — he needs to prove his loyalty. In order to do this, Calvin's men drag Spencer into the woods, who has been badly beaten, and hand Brady a gun, ordering him to shoot Spencer to prove his loyalty.

After George, the new server at Jack's Bar, comes ino the practice with severly agitated hands, Mel applies ointment, but realises that since he is the outlier, and new to the bar, he could be responsible for the sabotage as Jamie remarked. She asks George to wait, and calls for Jack but when he arrives George has fleed the practice; Mel and Jack witness as he drives away with Calvin and his men, a clear message to Jack to stay out of his business.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Teryl Rothery as Muriel
  • Nicola Cavendish as Connie
  • Carmel Amit as Jamie
  • Lynda Boyd as Lilly
  • Chad Rook as Spencer
  • Marco Grazzini as Mike


  • Patrick Keating as Charlie
  • Donald Heng as George


  • Calvin strikes back out at Jack for his interference in the sale of Lilly's farm.
  • Hope is once again thrown back into the depths of Jack's personal life, albeit reluctantly.


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