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"Can't Let Go" is the fifth episode of the second season of Virgin River. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall.


Jack's war memories haunt him when he reunites with his Marine friends. Mel struggles to handle conflict with her sister-in-law.


Mel and Stacey enjoy a morning jog through the woods of Virgin River. The two talk, and Stacey asks how Mel manages to live in the middle of nowhere, but Mel is pleased to remark that it reminds her of the times spent with Mark spent hiking and the adventures they went on. When Stacey brings up the engagement ring once more, Mel gets defensive, and Stacey lets slip the fact that there was a memorial dinner that she was unaware of. Stacey draws this up to Mark's mother not liking her (or any of the other "girls" he brought home), but Mel angrily remarks that she and Mark were married and more than a fling. Mel leaves the conversation in anger after Stacey's remarks.

Jack continues to suffer from PTSD from his war days as he sleeps on Hope's sofa. He is awoken by Charmaine, who alerts him that her heart is racing and she is afraid there may be something wrong with the babies. Jack calls Vernon, who tells the two that she is suffering from heart palpitations and that they will need a full blood check up at Grace Valley.

Connie begins opening up Paige's Bakery, and hears an alarming report on the police scanner of a missing Wes. She is instantly alarmed and intrigued at the same time. As she opens the bakery, she hands Muriel her order and Hope her coffee. Hope becomes jealous of Muriel when she reveals that she and Vernon are attending a dance class together later that night. Hope is both jealous and thankful for the fact that Muriel — and the rest of the town — believe that Muriel and Vernon are an official item.

Afterwards, Hope brings Vernon a coffee and a savoury snack as an apology for her behaviour at the charity event. Hope asks Vernon if they would like to do something together, but Vernon remarks that he is attending the dance lesson with Muriel later. Hope reveals that she would like to attend the class, but doesn't want to interrupt the date between him and Muriel, but Vernon assures her that it isn't a date, but a group lesson.

Mel is approached by Connie at Jack's Bar, who is furious with her for her meddling in Lizzie's life and writing her a prescription. Mel confronts Connie, revealing that legally, Lizzie is an adult therefore she cannot discuss her treatment or medical appointments with her. Connie is furious, revealing that she tore the prescription to pieces; she warns Mel to stay away from Lizzie and informs her that she will be discussing the behaviour with Vernon.

Returning to the bar after her conversation with Connie, Mel informs Jack of the situation with Stacey. Mel becomes flustered when Jack tells her she should consider returning the ring, but even more annoyed when he reveals that he has been spending the night on the sofa at Hope's in return for Charmaine's silence. Mel tells Jack that she doesn't like how Charmaine is manipulating him, but Jack has no response. Moments later, Preacher and Jack are reunited with their marine comrades, and the group arrange to go bike riding and have a catch up.

After finding things rocky with Brady, Lizzie asks Ricky to a party later that night. She asks him to bring alcohol, and when he remarks that he doesn't know anywhere that will serve him, she points to the fact that he works at a bar. This causes him to steal a bottle of tequila from Jack's office.

Mel and Vernon have a conversation about Charmaine, with Vernon reminding Mel that she is still the only nurse practitioner in town, even if she has been fired. Vernon explains the diagnosis and asks if Mel will still aid him in treating Charmaine, even if it is from a far; she reluctantly agrees.

During their biking fun through the rough terrain of Virgin River, and one of the Marines, Zeke, makes a joke about Jack leading them. The joke isn't received well, however, and numerous of the men remark that Zeke should not have said what he said. Nonetheless, Jack brushes off the joke and continues on the biking activity. The group share a beer shortly after and play football, and one of the men suggests that Jack try harder to go after what he wants and secure a relationship with Mel. Jack explains that Mel is a widow and Charmaine is pregnant, which shows the complications associated with Jack's pursuit of Mel.

Mel is struggling with the concept of giving Stacey the engagement ring, and looks at photographs of Mark on her computer. She is interrupted by Hope, and the two find common ground when Hope explains that her second husband died shortly after their marriage, therefore she knows what it feels like; she remarks that there will always be reminders of those they have lost no matter what they do. Mel finally admits that she moved to Virgin River for a fresh start, but cannot escape the memories associated with Mark.

After his reunion, Jack returns to Charmaine with a dog he found by the river. He hopes that the dog will help Charmaine to feel less isolated and alone, but Charmaine uses this as an opportunity to try and drag Jack back into a romantic relationship with her.

Following on from her revelation on the police scanner, Connie meets with Preacher privately to discuss Wes and Paige. Connie reveals that the authorities are looking for Wes, who is now suspected missing, but Preacher pleads with Connie to let it go. Connie explains a story about a family and an abusive father who killed his wife, but it is clear that the story is about Connie and her family. After Connie refuses to let the story go, Preacher has no option but to explain about Wes and the abusive marriage he had with Paige in hopes that Connie will understand and let the situation go.

Mel has dinner with Stacey, and Stacey remarks once more that she would like the engagement ring back. Mel must excuse herself from the conversation, however, when Vernon asks her to deliver Charmaine's test results. She heads over to Hope's and tells Charmaine that she is having a spout of low blood pressure and must eat more regularly to maintain.

At the dance class, Vernon is surprised when he finds out that he will be partnered with Muriel. Hope arrives moments later, which annoys Muriel, and pairs with the instructor. After a brief period of dancing, the instructor compliments Muriel and Vernon's connection, but tells Hope that she is too intent on leading and acting as a soloist; Hope scolds as her jealousy of Muriel grows.

Preacher, Jack and the other Marines enjoy a beer around a campfire. Zeke brings up Lonergan — the soldier that died in Jack's arms — and a brief conversation ensues about him. The conversation clearly eats away at Jack and he leaves the conversation to grab another beer; Preacher looks on as he worries about his friend.

Ricky and Lizzie drink together after the ending of the party, which Lizzie brands a failure. The two grow closer, and Lizzie asks why Ricky doesn't have a girlfriend. He tells her that he is invisible at school and that nobody sees him, but she kisses him and remarks that she sees him.

Jack stops by at Mel's before returning home for the night and the two talk once more about the engagement ring. Mel tells him that she can't bring herself to give up the ring, but informs him of the rough year she and Mark had prior to his death; she is wondering if they would still be together if Mark was alive. Jack tells her that she should keep the ring as it is hers after all.

Jack returns to the bar and calls Lonergan's parents, explaining that he was Lonergan's Seargeant, but the man on the phone informs him that he is Lonergan's brother and that his parents passed away; this causes Jack to burst into tears in his office.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Teryl Rothery as Muriel
  • Nicola Cavendish as Connie
  • Carmel Amit as Jamie
  • David Cubitt as Calvin
  • Marco Grazzini as Mike


  • Melinda Dahl as Stacie
  • Eric Breker as Josh
  • Garfield Wilson as Zeke
  • Andrew Zachar as Tom
  • Trever Lerner as Bert
  • Donald Heng as George
  • Alex Santos as Antioine
  • Rohan Campbell as Lonergan


  • It is revealed that Lonergan's parents are dead.
  • Mel refuses to give back Mark's engagement ring.


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