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Carry On is the first episode of the first season of Virgin River and the first episode overall.


Melanie Monroe moves to the small town of Virgin River where she meets a hunky bar owner. Mel is haunted by visions of her past. She takes a job at a family practice as a nurse. Doc Mullins is a grump but is obviously hiding something which is making that way.

Plot Summary[]

Melinda Monroe drives along the road into Virgin River, but is accidentally driven off the road when a large truck tries to overtake her. Out in the middle of the woods, Melinda finds it difficult to find cell service, but is approached by an old man who offers her a ride into Virgin River, remarking that they will collect her car another day. Unaware of her surroundings, Melinda is reluctant to take the ride but has no other option but to accompany the man into town.

During the car journey, the two talk, and Melinda reveals that she is the new nurse practitioner hired by the mayor to aid an ageing Dr. Mullins. As Melinda leaves the man, she introduces herself, and he reveals that he is the Dr. Mullins in question, but becomes agitated and annoyed at her remark about his age. Dr. Mullins laughs at the state of the McCrea cabin in which Melinda is staying, given it looks nothing alike the photograph advertised online.

Inside the cabin, Melinda is horrified by the state of the furniture and the sheer amount of debris. Moments later, she meets the mayor of the town, Hope McCrea. Melinda questions Hope on the year long accomodation she was promised when she applied for the job, remarking that she cannot live in the cabin, but the mayor dismisses her, remarking that she will have it fixed up promptly. Hope suggests that Melinda grab a bite to eat at Jack's Bar whilst the cabin is cleaned.

Melinda is introduced to the bar's owner, Jack Sheridan, and the bar's chef, Preacher. Melinda enjoys numerous drinks and the two begin talking, with Jack remarking that he sees Melinda as a city girl rather than a small town girl; he jokes that he is impressed by her ability to stomach whiskey, however. Afterwards, Jack walks Melinda back to the McCrea cabin, and she reveals that she sold her house and quit her job to move to Virgin River. After the two bid goodnight, Melinda is plagued with flashbacks of the first night spent in her previous house with her husband, Mark, but it is not made clear what happened between the two.

The following morning, Mel arrives at Vernon's practice to apologise for the rude remarks she had previously made about his age. Vernon is rude once again to Mel, and it becomes clear that he is both sexist and too proud to accept the apology, therefore it is of no consequence how they met. Mel becomes increasingly annoyed at the current situation unfolding before her and leaves the practice, calling her sister, Joey during the car journey home. Mel becomes upset, and Joey pleads with her to return back home and stop punishing herself for what happened between her and Mark, but Mel brushes Joey off, remarking that she will be fine soon enough.

Stopping off at Jack's bar for something to eat, Mel is introduced to the town's baker, Paige Lassiter, who invites her to stop by sometime and sample her baking. Meanwhile, news has reached Hope of the encounter between Vernon and Mel, and Hope tries to convince Vernon to at least give Mel a chance. Vernon expresses the fact that he isn't sure of her abilities, but Hope rebukes him, citing that she has excellent references and prior experience. Hope is finally able to convince Vernon to a one-month probationary period, but makes it clear that if Mel should fail, Hope keeps her nose out of his business.

At Jacks, Hope reveals the news to Mel, but Mel remarks that she refuses to stay at the McCrea cabin until it is fixed up, citing that she is free to leave Virgin River at any time due to a void in their contract given she hasn't been provided with adequate housing. Jack convinces Hope to rent Mel a room at the inn whilst Jack himself fixes up the cabin, to which Hope agrees.

The following day, Mel arrives at work but finds Vernon is unwilling to allow her to see patients until he can confirm her competency. Mel questions how he will confirm if she cannot see patients, but Vernon brushes her off. Mel leaves the practice and arrives at the inn for the night momentarily after her encounter.

Mel spends the next morning with Jack, who shows her some of the sights that Virgin River has to offer. Mel becomes a little annoyed when Jack reveals that he cleared her work schedule for the day, but she gets over it once she is exposed to the scenery. Leaving after a nice morning with Jack, Mel arrives at the surgery to find it empty, no Vernon in sight. A woman enters with what seem to be contractions, and Mel offers to look her over.

Mel looks over the patient, but is shocked when Vernon arrives back at the surgery and tried to interrupt. Mel dismisses Vernon, and afterwards, the two have a heated conversation over Mel's actions. Mel leaves the surgery and tells Hope that she needs to find a new nurse, but will stay on until she can.


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  • This episode contains a blooper: the exterior of the front door of Doc Mullins's office is solid wood but the interior has leaded glass panels with light shining through them.