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Charmaine Roberts is a friend of Jack Sheridan and the mother of his unborn twins. Charmaine struggles with her relationship with Jack, constantly being unaware of where the two stand in regards to their relationship.


Relationship with Jack[]

Charmaine and Jack are in a casual relationship upon Mel's arrival to Virgin River. After Mel catches Jack's eye, the relationship between Charmaine and Jack begins to suffer as a result. Shortly after, Jack calls things off with Charmaine, much to her dismay, citing that he never wanted anything serious with her, despite having been casual for two years.

Charmaine tries on numerous occasions to rekindle her relationship with Jack, but he is reluctant and pulls away at every opportunity. Charmaine blames Mel for this, and the two become enemies before ever getting to know one another properly. Eventually, Charmaine learns that she is pregnant with Jack's child, believing that this will draw Jack back in and fix the issues faced by the two.


After learning that she is pregnant, Charmaine struggles when Jack makes it clear that he will be there for the baby, but will not be with Charmaine in a romantic setting. Tensions arise between Charmaine and Mel when Vernon suggests that Mel become Charmaine's nurse practitioner, given she has more experience in the field than him. Not long after, Mel confirms that Charmaine is pregnant with twins.

Panic sets in around Virgin River when Charmaine becomes seriously ill but refuses to go to hospital. After consultation by both Vernon and Mel, it becomes clear that Charmaine is suffering from HG, meaning that she will suffer a prolonged period of morning sickness, often lasting the entirety of the pregnancy. Whilst Mel tries to convince Charmaine that she needs to go the hospital, things become difficult as Charmaine refuses given her mother died in hospital.

Charmaine initially refuses to co-operate with Mel and her treatment.

Eventually, Charmaine begins to co-operate with Mel in her treatment for HG, and allows Mel to fit an IV drip into her arm to hydrate her. When the symptoms of her HG are under control, Charmaine is free to return home, having formerly been living with Hope, given her proximity to the practice.

Difficult decisions[]

With the prospect of the birth of their twins on the horizon, Charmaine faces a difficult decision about where she will live with the twins. Things are made more complex when her aunt offers to allow her to move in with her in Portland, Oregon. Charmaine is initially unaware that Jack is considering buying a house for himself and the twins, and considers the offer, much to Hope and Mel's surprise.

Charmaine is eventually made aware of Jack's intentions, but finds it difficult when Jack makes it clear that the two will not be living together in a romantic setting.


Charmaine Roberts is "an hair stylist from nearby Clear River, and competition for Jack’s attention".[1] She is very immature and her personality swings from passive-aggressive to pushy and manipulative. She takes every opportunity she can get to try to get under Jack’s skin.


  • She suffers with "Hyperemesis Gravidarum", a medical condition in which morning sickness is experienced throughout the entirety of the pregnancy.
  • She has a phobia of hospitals, given her mother died in one.
  • Her mother had an affair with Vernon Mullins.


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