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Dan Brady is a person in Virgin River. He served in the Marines with Jack, and is now struggling to adjust to civilian life. Commonly referred to by only his last name, Brady worked for Jack at his bar, but left employment following a disagreement with Jack over how the bar should be ran. Following this, Brady begins working for Calvin, despite MANY warnings from Jack about the danger of such whatever.


The Marines[]

Little is known about Brady's early history, other than that he was a Marine alongside Preacher and Jack Sheridan, who served as his sergeant. Following their discharge, it is assumed that Brady followed both Preacher and Jack to Virgin River, where he began working for Jack.

Brady's employment with Jack was problematic, however, and on numerous occasions he stole money from the bar. Preacher warned Jack about keeping him employed, and suggested that he fire him immediately, but Jack continued making excuses for Brady. Eventually, Brady asked if he could be made a manager but Jack refused, and the friendship between the two suffered as a result.

Involvement with Calvin[]

After Jack refused to make him bar manager, Brady left employment at Jack's Bar. Brady was drawn to the large sums of money he could make under the employment of Calvin, the town's local mafia boss. Despite numerous warnings from Jack, Brady began working for Calvin almost immediately.

Brady was tasked with overseeing the acquisition of Lilly's farm so that Calvin could begin using it as a front for the shipment of drugs overseas. Brady falsely made Lilly a deal on the farm, but this fell through at the last stage after she was warned by Jack about Brady's true agenda behind the purchase — this caused huge issues for Brady in his friendship with Calvin, who he blamed for the deal falling through.

Shortly after this, Brady is tasked with killing Spencer, whom Calvin finds out is supplying Jack with information about Calvin in his investigation with the police. Brady is unable to kill Spencer, however, and aids him in escaping from Virgin River with his family, faking his death. Brady shows Mel evidence of this, citing that he knew he had made the wrong decision getting involved with Calvin.


Dan Brady is "another former Marine under Jack’s command, Brady differs from Preacher in almost every way".[1]


  • He served with Jack in the Marines.
  • Little is known about his life before the Marines.


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