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Hope McCrea is the sociable mayor and town gossip of Virgin River. She hired Melinda Monroe for Vernon Mullins, the local physician and her husband. Hope and Vernon struggled with complications in their marriage, and had been living separately for twenty years before rekindling their connection.


Relationship with Vernon[]

Hope has a troublesome relationship, and it is initially not revealed that the two are married. Little is known about the early marriage of Hope and Vernon, only that the two separated after Vernon slept with Charmaine Roberts's mother. The two remained separated for twenty years after the incident, with Hope reluctant to accept Vernon's apology.

Eventually, Hope realises that she has always been, and is still, in love with Vernon, and she finally accepts his apology and the two begin seeing one another in secret. Hope is reluctant to reveal that she and Vernon are back together due to the idea that it will quickly spread around Virgin River. Hope becomes jealous, however, when Muriel takes an interest in Vernon and — despite encouraging Vernon to date Muriel to throw the town off their scent — she quickly grows despiteful of Muriel and her husband spending time together.

Things become difficult for the two when Vernon takes a trip to Seattle for what he dubs a "medical conference", and Hope finds out that Muriel is also in Seattle. She becomes inquisitve and finds a voicemail on Vernon's phone from Muriel arranging a time to meet. When Vernon returns back to Virgin River and asks Hope to renew their vows, she plays the voicemail and becomes angry at Vernon. He eventually reveals that Muriel helped him meet a vintage jeweller to recast their engagment ring; the two talk about the implications of secrets in their marriage.

Meddling with Jack's life[]

After Mel arrives in Virgin River, Hope asks Jack to entice her to stay in the town following her handing in her notice. Things become difficult when Hope begins questioning Jack and his feelings towards Mel when he is involved with Charmaine Roberts. When Hope begins prying, Jack becomes defensive and — after a large argument — begins distancing himself from Hope.

Eventually, Hope is able to convince Jack to forgive her, but he remarks that he does not want her involved in his personal life. This is challenging for Hope, who sees Jack as a member of her family due to the time they have known each other; nonetheless, she respects his decision. Things become increasingly difficult and complicated for Hope, however, when Charmaine indirectly reveals that she may be moving to Portland with Jack's twin babies. Hope tells Charmaine that knowing this information has put her in a difficult position, but Charmaine doesn't respond.

Hope believes it is her duty to tell Jack, but fears that she will further worsen the friendship between the two if she is caught meddling in his personal affairs once more. Difficulties arise between Hope and Vernon when Hope explains the situation, with Vernon not believing that Hope didn't cause the issue herself. Hope eventually decides that, whilst Jack needs to know, she cannot be the one to tell him. As a resolution, Hope passes the information to Mel and asks Mel to tell him.


Hope McCrea is "Virgin River’s brash and blunt mayor – a little rough around the edges, but her saving grace is her love for the town and her mission to preserve it."[1]


  • She has known Jack Sheridan for numerous years, proclaiming that the two are like family.
  • Hope is wealthy, and Jack makes a remark that she has too more money than she knows what to do with.[2]


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