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If Truth Be Told is the seventh episode of the first season of Virgin River and the seventh episode overall.

Summary   []

Preacher happens upon a secret. Mel's memories threaten to overwhelm her. Jack has a sincere talk with Charmaine about their relationship.

Plot Summary[]

After the mingle, Joey admits to Mel that things with her husband back home are on the rocks and an end to their marriage may be on the horizon; nonetheless, she has made the decision to return home after realising that she cannot convince Mel to return to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Vernon is becoming increasingly confused with the situation surrounding the divorce with Hope. Vernon tells Hope that things with her are confusing and that she must decide quickly what she wants between the two of them. For Hope, things become increasingly confusing for her when she realises that her friends are excluding her from activities for being too competitive.

After their confrontation at the mingle, Jack calls Charmaine numerous times to talk about their relationship but she refuses to accept the calls. Jack comes clean with Mel, revealing that she was right all along about he and Charmaine and that he should've been upfront and open about his intentions with Charmaine instead of leading her on.

Preacher races to Paige's aid when her car battery dies. Looking around the car, he finds an ID under the seat of the car but is shocked to find that the name is different. When he notices numerous suitcases in the back of the car, Preacher becomes worried that Paige is not who she says she is but is in more trouble than she is letting on.

After Ricky receives a call from his grandmother, Lydie, asking for help after not feeling well, Jack and Mel offer to go help whilst Ricky stays behind to look after the bar. Arriving, they find that Lydie has diabetes and, after not looking after herself, is struggling with low blood sugar. Mel and Jack make the decision to take her to the hospital for observation. At the hospital, Mel begins having flashbacks to the night of her husband's death, leading her to have a breakdown in the middle of the hospital. Jack has no choice but to drive Mel back home in silence. The two take a detour to a bar and after playing a few games, Mel confesses that Jack is the only reason she has stayed in Virgin River.

Jack decides it is finally time to have an adult conversation with Charmaine and arrives to talk with her. He tells her that he isn't in love with her, however, which is not what she wants to hear. Charmaine tells Jack that she cannot wait around for him and breaks up with him moments later.

Finding a pair of Mel's gloves in his truck, Jack makes a special trip to drop them off. Jack arrives just in time to see Mel's wedding ring on the bedside table; she had removed it just moments earlier. Mel finally reveals that her husband is dead and it was her fault.

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  • This episode marks the official ending of the relationship between Jack and Charmaine.