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Into the Light is the eighth episode of the first season of Virgin River and the eighth episode of the series overall.

Summary []

A storm causes a town power outage and everybody gets together at Jack's bar. Mel grapples with her revelation. Preacher investigates Paige.

Plot Summary[]

A flashback to the night of Mel's husband's death haunts Mel as she sleeps. She is jolted awake, however, moments later when she looks down to find Jack laying in her husband's place; it is revealed to be a nightmare. She looks outside of the window to find it is raining outside, but finds that there is a power cut, which reminds Mel of the night she lost her husband in a car accident during a storm. She is informed that everyone convenes at Jack's Bar during a power cut — which are frequent in Virgin River — but Mel opts to stay in her room over fears of driving in the storm.

At Jack's Bar, the residents of Virgin River have rallied and are all keeping themselves entertained. Vernon and Hope play card games together after Hope's encounter with Connie and the other girls previously.

Mel takes a call from Joey, in which the latter expresses concern about Mel during the storm. Mel reveals that she doesn't want to drive in the storm but also feels on edge after telling Jack about her husband. Finally, she opts to walk to the bar whilst having flashbacks to the moment she was told she had lost her husband. She arrives at the bar soaking wet after her umbrella breaks.

Everyone stares at Mel as she enters Jack's Bar, where she openly announces that her umbrella broke. Jack takes her upstairs giving her fresh clothes and putting hers into the dryer. The two talk, and Jack tells her to make her way downstairs when she is ready.

Meanwhile, Connie approaches Hope to apologise. Hope is initially dismissive of Connie but is persuaded that the girls are sorry. Connie asks if Hope will help them stich a blanket for baby Chloe, to which she agrees, but takes Vernon along as back up in case she should need it. In the back of the bar, Preacher looks at the ID he took from Paige's truck and considers searching for the name. Eventually, he does, and finds numerous results for Paige being a wanted fugitive.

Mel makes her way downstairs and is greeted by Bobbie, the town mechanic who has clocked off for the day. The two begin talking and Mel enquires about his hand, which is visibly swollen and red. Bobbie is reluctant to allow Mel to take a look, but she eventually concludes that he has a fracture of the wrist, which is later confirmed by Vernon. Bobbie is reluctant to go to the hospital given he has no health insurance, and Vernon elects to fix the fracture himself. Vernon is confronted by Jack moments later, however, remarking that he has had too much to drink to be fixing patients, and to allow Mel to remedy the situation given she has the experience; Vernon is reluctant at first but eventually agrees to allow Mel to go it alone. Jack agrees to take Mel and Bert and to the clinic to look at his arm.

Hope is alerted that someone is outside waiting for her, and when she ventures out in the rain, it is revealed to be Charmaine. Charmaine hands Hope a box of Jack's stuff and a letter inside addressed to him. Hope is reluctant to get involved with the personal lives of the two, but is unable to resist and reads the letter before leaving it in his office.

Calvin enters the bar much to Preacher's surprise, who tells him that he isn't wanted. Nonetheless, he allows him to stay and ride out the storm. Brady becomes even more interested in Calvin when he sees the large amount of money he is carrying around, but Preacher warns Brady to stay away from Calvin and the "dirty money".

After fixing Bert's hand, Jack asks if he can show her something. Mel remarks that she isn't confident driving around in a storm, but Jack insists, revealing that it isn't too far away. Jack takes Mel to the McCrea Cabin, which is now finished and refurbished. Mel is speechless, but realises that Jack it for her in an effort to get her to stay in Virgin River. Mel kisses Jack and the two begin kissing, with Jack asking numerous times if it is sure what she wants.

Cast []

Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Trevor Lerner as Bert Gordon



  • It is revealed that on the night of Mel's husband's death, the two were discussing the possibility of another round of IVF.
  • The mystery surrounding Paige Lassiter's identity is finally revealed; however Preacher becomes even more confused at what he finds.