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Jimmy is Calvin's right-hand man and lieutenant. He initially enjoys his position by Calvin's side, but begins to clash with Dan Brady when he is brought on board.


Protecting Calvin[]

When Calvin is shot, Jimmy travels to Virgin River to seek aid. He bumps into Mel and Jack and, after realising that she is the new Nurse Practitioner, holds her at gun point and orders that she come to Calvin's farm to treat him. When she arrives, she stabilises the leg but tells Jimmy that he needs medical attention at a hospital. Jimmy refuses, telling her that she and Jack can leave if Calvin makes it through the night. After Calvin survives the night, Jimmy allows the two to leave the farm.


When Dan Brady becomes an employee of Calvin's, Jimmy becomes increasingly jealous of the situation, fearing that Calvin will replace him as his right hand man. Calvin begins to favour Brady over Jimmy, and tells Brady that when he retires, he wants him to take over the farm; this angers Jimmy who has been with Calvin from the beginning.


Jimmy is "Calvin’s lieutenant and enforcer, anyone unfortunate enough to incur Calvin’s wrath is inevitably forced to deal with Jimmy."[1]


  • Jimmy is extremely jealous of Dan Brady and his closeness with Calvin.
  • He is extremely loyal and protective towards Calvin.


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