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Joey Barnes is the cautious sister of Melinda Monroe. Following Mel's move to Virgin River, Joey does whatever she can to convince Mel to return home.


Convincing Mel[]

After Mel moves to Virgin River following the death of her husband, Mark, Joey continues to attempt to convince Mel to return to Los Angeles. Despite Joey's continued attempts, Mel is reluctant to return, citing that she is looking to build a new life for herself.

Shortly after, Joey travels to Virgin River under the premise of convincing Mel to return. When Mel blatantly refuses, it becomes clear that Joey is experiencing troubles with her marriage. Mel talks with Joey about the issues, but Joey is reluctant to divulge any information. Eventually, Joey decides that it is time for her to return to home and fix her marriage.


Joey Barnes is "Mel’s charming older sister, adviser, trusted confidante, and best friend".[1]


  • Joey is married, but experiences troubles with her marriage.
  • She tries to convince Mel to return to Los Angeles, but finds it difficult.


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