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Let's Mingle is the sixth episode of the first season of Virgin River and the sixth episode of the series overall.

Summary  []

Mel gets a surprise visitor just in time for the town's big dance party. Jack continues to suffer flashbacks from his time in the military.'

Plot Summary[]

Following on from the previous night, Jack and Mel talk, with Mel concerned about the state of Jack's PTSD and his night terrors. She tries to address the issue with Jack, but he brushes her off, and wants to avoid the conversation for as long as possible. The two are interrupted by Hope, however, who is trying to arrange things for the town's annual "Moonlight Mingle" dance; Mel remarks that she doesn't know if she has time to attend, but Hope insists that she attend the dance.

At Jack's Bar, Mel talks with Joey, who has unexpectedly arrived in Virgin River to scout the town that has captivated Mel. Joey is introduced to Brady and Hope, who offers Joey anything she needs whilst in town. Joey makes it clear that she doesn't approve of Mel living in Virgin River, but Mel is reluctant to accept the criticism and passing comments from Joey. The two return to Mel's hotel room, and it becomes clear that there is something more going on with Joey back in Los Angeles that she is not telling Mel.

Vernon calls by Hope's house but is reluctant to go inside when invited. He reveals that he has found another attorney to draw up the papers and asks if Hope can meet with them later in the day. Hope is reluctant, citing that she needs to sort things for the dance, but Vernon tells her that it is now, or in a month's time; reluctantly, Hope agrees and the two talk about how they will settle the attorney's fees.

Preacher calls by Paige's to collect food ordered by Hope for the dance later that day. He asks if Paige is going to the dance, and when she confirms that she is, he asks if the two would like to drive their together. Paige panics, and makes up an excuse that she is going to drive there from Clear River so will meet Preacher at the dance; it becomes clear that he thinks something is wrong but accepts what she is saying and drives off.

After Mel calms down, she returns to her hotel room and apologises to Joey. The two get ready together and agree to attend the dance together despite Mel wanting to talk.

At the McCrea Cabin, Jack arrives and asks if the two can have the cabin ready by the end of the week following the arrival of Joey and their desire to persuade Mel into staying. The three are interrupted, however, by Charmaine, who arrives to ask Jack about whether they should eat before the dance or afterwards; Jack receives startled glances from the two boys, who are both aware of his interactions and feelings towards Mel.

At the dance, things seem to be going well and Conny makes a remark about how the majority of the town showed up. Conny and Hope talk about Lilly and baby Chloe, and Hope explains that she wasn't ready to do anything too large at the moment. They are interrupted when Vernon arrives at the dance visibly angry at Hope for missing their appointment with the divorce attorney. When confronted, Hope excuses herself, remarking that she was busy, and walks away despite Vernon's anger and wish for an apology.

Arriving at the dance, Joey is immediately spotted by Preacher, but dismisses him when he attempts to talk to her. Instead, Joey goes to look for a drink and someone to dance with. It becomes increasingly clear over the course of the night that there are troubles at home when Joey begins heavily flirting with Brady whilst drinking.

As the dance goes on, Hope becomes increasingly jealous of Vernon when she sees him dancing with another woman, and it is hinted that Hope missed the meeting as she no longer wishes to divorce Vernon. It becomes clear to Vernon just how deeply he hurt Hope when sleeping with Charmaine's mother.

Meanwhile, Preacher and Paige become closer, aided by Christopher — Paige's son — who plays matchmaker for the two. The two begin talking, but Paige panics when she incorrectly identifies someone as her husband and cannot find Christopher. She finds him moments later mingling with the others but decides to leave for her safety, leaving Preacher both alone and confused.

Jack finally has the courage to tell Charmaine that he doesn't want anything serious with her and never has. Charmaine understands, but questions if Jack even loves her, because if not, she wants to move on with her life. Jack avoids the question and Charmaine leaves whilst Jack is left dancing with Mel. The two become closer and it becomes clear that the two are falling for one another.

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  • Hope finally realises that she doesn't want to divorce Vernon Mullins, and actually might still be in love with him.