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Lizzie is a troubled young woman living in the town Virgin River and the niece of Connie. She moves to Virgin River under the guardianship of Connie after she becomes too much trouble for her parents. She quickly takes a liking to Ricky and the two engage in a sexual and romantic relationship, much to Connie's dismay.


Moving to Virgin River[]

The situation regarding Lizzie's move to Virgin River is unclear, however Connie makes it clear that Lizzie was too troublesome for her parents to handle following a shoplifting offence. Lizzie quickly becomes prominent in Virgin River, but is forced to begin working at Paige's Bakery by her aunt to calm her down.

Lizzie quickly takes an interest in Dan Brady and the two share a drink together and almost kiss at the town's fundraiser. When Brady rejects her after finding out her age, Lizzie begins to rebel and sets her sights on Ricky. Initially, Lizzie begins taking advantage of Ricky and his position in Virgin River. Lizzie invites Ricky to a party on the premise that he will bring tequila, given that he works in Jack's Bar — this leads to Ricky stealing from the bar and getting into trouble with Jack. Days later, she asks Ricky to take her to the shopping center, despite him not being able to drive Lydie's car outside of Virgin River. When he refuses, she emotionally blackmails Ricky and he eventually takes her.

After spending some time together, the two initiate a romantic relationship and begin spending more and more time together. The two eventually have sex with one another and both lose their virginity. Connie catches them moments after, and bans Lizzie from seeing Ricky.


Lizzie is "a powder keg of cunning, beauty and unbridled impulsivity, who blows into the small town of Virgin River like a tornado after her parents ship her off in the wake of a shoplifting bust. She claims she doesn’t give a damn about her family’s rejection, but beneath the cynicism is a young woman with a bruised heart that masks pain with brashness."[1]


  • In Rumor Has It, she and Brady share a drink and almost kiss.
  • She and Ricky have sex and both lose their virginity in Hazards Ahead.
  • Lizzie is 19, placing her birth date around 2001.


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