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Lost is the second episode of the first season of Virgin River and the second episode overall.

Summary []

After finding an abandoned baby on Doc Mullins's doorstep, Mel and her boss argue over whether to call Social Services or find the newborn's mother

Plot Summary[]

After finding an abandoned baby on the porch of Dr. Mullins' surgery, Jack and Mel bring the baby inside whilst Mel gives it a visual check over. She surmises that the baby seems fine, but is a little underweight. Jack finds a note explaining that the mother of the baby left it as they love her and want a better life for her.

Vernon arrives back at the surgery, and Mel suggests that they call Social Services over the abandoned baby, but Vernon is strongly against the idea, citing that they will try to find the parents unofficially. Vernon enlists the help of Connie — the owner of Virgin River's convenience store — who brings diapers and formula for the baby. She remarks that she will activate the "Virgin River Phone Tree" to increase their efforts of finding the mother of the abandoned baby. Vernon and Hope talk, with Hope revealing that Mel intends to leave Virgin River and has given in her notice, a revelation that Vernon welcomes despite Hope's anger. Jack talks with Hope and agrees to begin fixing the McCrea cabin up in an effort to make Virgin River more attractive to Mel.

Mel talks with her sister, Joey, revealing that she has given Mayor McCrea her notice and will be leaving Virgin River momentarily. Joey falsely assumes that Mel will be returning to Los Angeles when she leaves Virgin River, but Mel quickly informs her otherwise. Mel has a moment of remembrance about her sister, Chloe, who died before she was born. She decides to call the child Chloe until its parents can be found.

Connie arrives shortly after Lily, a local who drops of baby supplies. Connie is angry that Mel suggested calling Social Services, remarking that those in Virgin River take care of their own, but Mel is quick to remark that the State of California is clear in their procedures and laws.

Mel finds it difficult with managing the issues at the clinic and watching the abandoned baby, but finds solace when Jack comes to help, giving her a much needed break and a latte that he had picked up earlier. Jack takes the baby and puts her to bed, but Mel is too caught up in memories of her initial meeting with Mark to notice, but is soon snatched into reality.

Mayor McCrea tries to convince Mel to take a much needed break with Jack whilst she herself watches the baby, but Mel is initially reluctant. Mel agrees on the premise that they call her if anything is amiss, to which they agree. Jack takes her to play baseball and the two have an enjoyable evening together, seemingly growing the connection shared between the two and the affinity Mel has for Virgin River.

Mel returns to take care of the baby, and with no mother in sight, Mel takes the decision to call Social Services. When she returns, however, she finds Lilly breastfeeding the baby, and it becomes clear that Lilly is the babies mother.

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