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"Out of the Past" is the sixth episode of the second season of Virgin River. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall.


Mel grapples with how to honor Mark ahead of the anniversary of his death. Jack's stress leads him to bad decisions. Hope apologizes with pie.


Mel becomes freaked and scared when at the practice alone when she hears someone trying to open the door. She shouts, and is relieved to find that it is Jack, who has arrived at the clinic looking to borrow something; Mel explains that she is creating digital files for all of their patients, despite how this might be viewed by Vernon with his strong resistance to technology.

At Jack's bar, Muriel stops by to pick up beef stroganoff from Preacher. Vernon elects to help her carry it to her car, much to Hope's dismay, but when the two get outside, Muriel makes a rude remark about her confusion as to why he and Hope ever got together. Vernon senses that things are going too far with Muriel and tells her that he and Hope have decided to rekindle their marriage to one another, a concept that she accepts gracefully. When Hope asks what is taking so long, Vernon tells her that he has told Muriel that they are back together and is disgusted in himself for ever taking part in the charade. Hope leaves furiously, feeling betrayed by Vernon.

Jack arrives at the Marine's pseudo-camp to rally them for some more fun. They're not up to it, however, giving their hangovers, and the majority of them remark that they want to return home to their normal lives sooner rather than later. Jack is able to convince them to go kayaking, however, but when Jack leaves, it becomes clear that they are all aware something is amiss with him.

Mel arrives at Hope's house to find Hope cleaning a urine stain from the carpet, which she attributes to Charmaine's new puppy. Vernon arrives moments later and things become tense with Hope leaving the room; they are here to examine Charmaine once more. Vernon and Mel talk about Connie and her anger with Mel over the birth control prescribed for Lizzie, and Vernon tells her to re-issue the prescription and he will deal with Connie. When Charmaine comes out of the shower, she is examined by both Mel and Vernon, and is cleared to return home given she has responded well to the treatment and her condition is now under control. Mel agrees to create a birth plan for Charmaine, which Charmaine agrees to.

Meanwhile, down at the river, Jack is eager to get out on the water, but none of the other Marines want to risk the journey. Eventually, one of the Marines speaks up, remarking that they know Jack has been drinking all night and they do not want to have to pull him from the water. This infuriates Jack, who walks away from the situation in anger.

Brady approaches Lilly and asks if she is ready to sign the remainder of the paperwork and finalise the deal. Lilly is hesitant, as she was unaware that Calvin was behind the sale, but Brady assures her that the sale has already been approved, and things are under way. Lilly rebukes him, however, remarking that things are not final until she has signed the paperwork.

Hope feels bad for her meddling in the friendship between Vernon and Muriel. She visits Muriel with a pie to apologise for her behaviour, but is rebuked by Muriel who remarks that she will slip up once more and when she does, Muriel will be there to take over. Hope is angry at Muriel's remarks, having finally wanted to put the past behind the two of them.

Still considering what she will do to honor Mark and his anniversary, Mel looks through photographs of Mark when he was sailing. She receives a text message from Joey revealing that she has found a sailing company they can sponsor for his anniversary, but she ignores the message, instead listening a voice mail left by Mark and reminiscing on their sailing days together and the times they spent together. Finally, she decides what she would like to do and calls Hope for assistant.

Jack and Mel continue to talk, and Mel explains that the anniversary of Mark's death is approaching and she must find ways to cope. Jack is no help to Mel, giving her neutral advice, which visibly annoys her. Jack is reluctant to converse when asked by Mel if he ever talks about Iraq.

Mel meets Vernon and Hope by the river, in which they attach a sail to a small boat of Hope's. Vernon asks if Mel and Hope would want to be alone, but she asks if Vernon will stay; the two watch as Mel releases the boat onto the river, but Mel is called away moments later in an emergency.

At the bar, Jack's Marine friends prepare to leave Virgin River to return home. The Marines bid farewell to Jack, and Jack confirms that there are no hard feelings between them for their previous remarks by the river. Jack asks Mike what can be done about Calvin and his men — particularly the one that attacked Mel — but Mike remarks that no arrests are being made at the moment, so likely nothing.

Lizzie is able to convince Ricky to take her out of town shopping, despite not being allowed to take the car out of Virgin River without approval. Whilst shopping, he becomes worried that they will not return in time for his shift at the bar, but Lizzie tells him to loosen up and not worry too much about work. In return, he remarks that it is easy for Lizzie to say when she doesn't need to work for her money — a remark she seems agitated by, but nonetheless dismisses.

Mel arrives to the emergency, and finds Preacher trying to convince Jack that it is not safe for him to go kayaking with the current so strong; he hopes that Mel is able to convince him not to do it. When Mel fails, she decides that she will go with Jack, hoping that he will change his mind in an effort to keep her safe. Mel is successful and is able to convince Jack not to set off. Afterwards, they talk, and Jack explains that he couldn't protect Lonergan, therefore does not think that he will be able to take care of two babies. Mel tells him to have faith and trust within himself, as she does.

Preacher arrives at Jack's Bar and is surprised to find that Ricky didn't turn up for his shift. He dismisses the staff and takes over, but is surprised to find Jamie at the bar. The two talk, and she offers to help Preacher land a job at an upscale restaurant, offering him a chance to start a new life outside of Virgin River.

Ricky and Lizzie make their way back to Virgin River, with Ricky anxious that he is late for his shift at the bar. Ricky gets distracted when he begins blushing over Lizzie offering him a sweet, and the car swerves, seemingly hitting something in the process.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Daniel Gillies as Mark Monroe (Flashbacks/Voice Only)
  • Teryl Rothery as Muriel
  • Marco Grazzini as Mike
  • Lynda Boyd as Lilly
  • Carmel Amit as Jamie


  • Eric Breker as Josh
  • Garfield Wilson as Zeke
  • Andrew Zachar as Tom
  • Trever Lerner as Bert
  • Donald Heng as George
  • Lane Edwards as Sheriff Duncan


  • Vernon comes clean about the relationship between he and Hope to Muriel.


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