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Michelle Logan, known as Paige Lassiter in the town of Virgin River, is the mother of Christopher Lassiter and the owner of a bakery truck named "Paige's Bakeaway". Following an abusive marriage with Wes, Paige moved to Virgin River with their son, Christopher, and changed her name to avoid detection.

Paige is eventually found by Wes and, after forming an unlikely friendship with Preacher, is forced to flee Virgin River with Christopher.


Marriage with Wes[]

Little is known about Paige's early marriage with Wes. She tells Preacher that the two were happy as a couple, but things changed following the birth of Christopher and the marriage between the two. Paige explains that Wes would abuse her regularly, but the two would hide this from Christopher, not wanting Christopher to see the violence or grow up hating his father.

Paige tells Preacher about her marriage with Wes.

Eventually, Paige left Wes and moved to Virgin River with Christopher, changing her name from Michelle and adopting the persona of "Paige Lassiter". Paige was careful not to open a bank account or anything that could tie her to her old identity and risk being found by Wes. When Preacher begins asking questions, Paige tells him that she prefers to do things the old way, and eventually she explains to Preacher about Wes and their abusive marriage; he promises to protect her from Wes and his abuse.

Fleeing Virgin River[]

After arriving home and finding Wes playing with Christopher, Paige is thrown back into the abusive relationship with him. Paige is reluctant to abide by his behaviour and demands, however, and refuses to leave Virgin River with him, citing that they should talk like adults. Wes continues to threaten her, however, and when he tries to forcefully remove Christopher, Paige panics and pushes him down the stairs, killing him immediately.[1]

Wes strangles Paige after she fights back.

Paige calls Preacher for help, asking him to take care of Christopher whilst she turns herself in, but Preacher is reluctant to allow her to suffer for what she has done given it was out of her control. Preacher tells her to take Christopher and leave Virgin River behind forever, cutting all ties to the town, and to him. Paige does flee, but leaves him the bakery truck for the meantime, which he asks Connie to take care of.[2]


Paige Lassiter is "a local entrepreneur, and an illustrious baker with a warm smile who has secrets of her own".[3]


  • Her real name is Michelle Logan; she is on the run for assault, however this is a false report created by Wes, her abusive husband.
  • She does not have a bank account to avoid detection by Wes.


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