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Ricky is the teenage grandson of Lydie, and a waiter/bartender at Jack Sheridan's tavern, Jack's Bar. Ricky struggles enormously with the feeling of being invisible, but things change when Lizzie arrives in Virgin River and the two begin a romantic relationship in secret; this eventually causes complications for Ricky in numerous ways.


Working at Jack's Bar[]

Ricky works at Jack's Bar as a waiter/bartender. He enjoys a close relationship with Jack, but becomes involved in conflict when everyone in the town falls ill. Ricky believes that it is his fault for not having double washed the lettuce from Preacher's stock, but it is later revealed by Mel to be sabotage by Calvin and his men for Jack meddling in his business.

Relationship with Lizzie[]

After Lizzie arrives in town, Ricky diverts his attention to her after she is rejected by Brady, and the two begin hanging out more and more. Initially, Lizzie uses Ricky to her advantage, influencing him to steal tequila from Jack's Bar, and asking him to drive her out of town, despite knowing that he is not allowed to leave Virgin River with his grandma’s car.

Eventually, Ricky and Lizzie become somewhat more serious, and she invites him around to her house with the intention of having sex with him. Ricky panics, however, revealing that he is a virgin and Lizzie would be his first. She too reveals that she is a virgin, and does not want to pressure him; the two watch Stranger Things together instead of having sex.

Lizzie invites Ricky to her house when Connie is out once more, and the two eventually have sex with one another. Ricky leaves to get juice for Lizzie but is surprised when Connie returns home and catches Ricky in her kitchen. She chases Ricky off, and a couple of days later, arrives at their house to talk with Lydie. Lydie sticks up for Ricky, however, much to Connie's surprise, but Connie tells him to stay away from her niece at all costs.


Ricky is "a clean-cut, nice-looking teenager who works at the local tavern owned by Jack, living with his grandmother after the loss of his parents. Upon the arrival of this beautiful newcomer into town, he struggles between being a good kid and finding the confidence to make his own choices."[1]


  • Ricky and Lizzie have sex in Hazards Ahead, with both losing their virginity during the encounter.
  • Ricky has a close relationship with his grandmother, Lydie, whom he lives with.


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