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"Rumor Has It" is the fourth episode of the second season of Virgin River. It is the fourteenth episode overall.


The town attends the annual picnic where residents engage in friendly competition, romantic tiffs and —as far as Mel is concerned — too much gossip.


Mel and Jack by the lake

Mel enjoys a morning jog by the lake around Virgin River. She bumps into Jack, and the two talk briefly. Jack is reclusive, and when asked about his mood, he tells Mel that he is worried about the living arrangements and other things that will need to be organised before the birth of the twins. Mel tells him that he is surrounded by a supportive community and can always ask for help if he needs it. After their conversation, the two of them fish together with Jack showing her how to cast a rod.

When Jack returns to Hope's, Charmaine questions him thoroughly about where he has been and who with. Jack is reluctant to give any details, however, and asks Charmaine to keep out of his personal life. Jack confirms that he and Mel slept together, and asks Charmaine to leave the situation at that. Charmaine asks if it is possible for Jack to spend the night with her after the charity event, but Jack tells her that it is a bad idea and the two should set boundaries to avoid disappointment.

Muriel and Vernon grow closer at the concert.

Vernon attends the music concert with Muriel as planned, but the two are witnessed together from a distance by Jo Ellen, who begins gossiping to her husband about what this means for Hope and Vernon. Later at the charity event, Jo Ellen exaggerates the situation to try and make Hope jealous.

Mel arrives at the charity event and elects to help out Hope by collecting donations. The event is dedicated to the Hamilton Family who suffered during the storm and need help from the community. Mel encounters a woman called Jamie who is spending time in Virgin River on vacation from San Francisco; the two exchange conversation and Mel recommends Jack's Bar for something to eat. Moments later, Jo Ellen arrives and tells Mel that she is on "her side", which confuses Mel but explains why the majority of the town are staring at her every chance they get.

When Ricky comes to drop off a donation to the Hamilton Family, Mel uses this as her opportunity to ask why the whole town are staring and the story behind the teams. Ricky explains that the whole town knows that Mel and Jack slept together, and have formed alliances with either Mel, or Charmaine; Ricky confers that he and his family are on "Team Mel". Following on from this news, Mel goes to talk with Jack, annoyed that the whole town now knows their business. Jack apologises, but Mel rebukes him, telling him to "muzzle" his girlfriend.

After agreeing to do the egg relay together, Vernon waits by the river for Hope's arrival thus they can practice. Hope doesn't arrive, however, but Muriel spots this as her opportunity to grown closer with Vernon. She asks if Vernon has any tips for the race, and that she is entering if she can find a partner. Vernon shows her how to transfer the egg, but is interrupted by Hope who arrives moments later and suggests that Vernon perform in the race with Muriel to throw the town off their scent. Vernon is furious that Hope would suggest such a thing given their history and the importance of the relay to them.

Meanwhile, Ricky sees Lizzie struggling at Paige's Bakery and opts to give her a hand. He asks if she has a partner for the egg relay and when she confirms that she doesn't, he asks her to be his. She agrees, but asks that he take over the bakery whilst she has a break; unknowingly, she leaves the bakery to flirt with Brady, who wins her a soft-plush toy from one of the stalls. When Connie returns, she relieves Ricky from the bakery, but accidentally knocks over Lizzie's purse. When picking up the contents she finds a prescription from Mel for birth control.

Mel and Jack are crowned winners of the egg relay.

As the egg relay begins, Mel joins forces with Jack, and Muriel joins with a reluctant Vernon. Mel and Jack end up winning the relay, much to Vernon's anger and surprise, with the whole town cheering for the two. Vernon is bitter that he lost his seven year reign as champion, and leaves the charity event shortly after the relay is over. Hope looks for Vernon after the race and is disappointed to find that he has left. She talks with Jack about the situation, and he reveals that the relay meant more to Vernon than Hope realises; it becomes clear that Hope is too wrapped up in the secret to realise her actions are hurting Vernon. Despite this, the conversation with Jack allows Hope time to rekindle and repair the friendship she broke between the two. Whilst Hope visits Paige's Bakery for sodas for the trip home, Jack bumps into, and confronts, Brady over the offer on Lilly's farm. Brady assures him the offer is legitimate, despite Jack asking numerous times if Calvin is behind the offer. When it becomes clear that Lilly has been lied to about the future of the farm under the ownership of "Emerald Lumber", he remarks to Brady in a threatening manner that he doesn't like his friends being lied to.

Mel confronts Charmaine about the rumors she spread about her and Jack. She reveals that she didn't sleep with Jack to steal him from her, but Charmaine is reluctant to believe this. Mel becomes increasingly defensive and tells Charmaine to keep her name out of her mouth. Charmaine fires her moments later, but Mel does not seem concerned by this. Jack arrives shortly after and offers to spend the night on the sofa as long as Charmaine stops spreading rumours about Mel.

Mel is shocked when Stacey asks for the engagement ring back.

Having arrived moments earlier, Stacey — Mark's sister — reveals to Mel that she is now engaged. She shows Mel the ring, but remarks that she doesn't feel right wearing it. Stacey tells Mel that the ring Mark gave her was their grandmother's and now that Mark is gone, she would like it back. Mel is confused and shocked at Stacey's request and stares in confusion.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Teryl Rothery as Muriel
  • Nicola Cavendish as Connie
  • Lynda Boyd as Lilly
  • Gwynyth Walsh as Jo Ellen
  • Carmel Amit as Jamie


  • Keith MacKechnie as Nick
  • Melinda Dahl as Stacie
  • Christina Jastrzembska as Lydie
  • Dave Santana as Mr. Hamilton
  • Gwenda Lorenzetti as Mrs. Hamilton


  • Mel is fired as Charmaine's doctor.
  • Mark Monroe's sister, Stacey, visits Mel to ask for the engagement ring back.
  • Vernon and Hope lose their seven year win streak at the egg relay.


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