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Unexpected Endings is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Virgin River and the tenth episode of the series overall.

Summary []

Charmaine tells a stunned Jack to make a decision while Mel is left reeling and Hope is filled with guilt. Meanwhile, Paige opens up to Preacher.

Plot Summary[]

Following their date the previous night, Jack stops by at the McCrea Cabin to talk with Mel and tell her about Charmaine and the baby. Jack becomes frightened, however, and opts not to tell her during that moment, instead asking if they can meet later that night; Mel agrees and offers to cook dinner, to which Jack agrees.

Arriving at work, Mel is ecstatic to find that Vernon has added her name to the front of the practice. Inside, she converses with Hope who — believing that she is already aware — mentions Charmaine's baby, but quickly realises what she has done. Hope tries to smooth things over, but Mel is already angry at Jack for not telling her the truth about the baby as soon as he found out.

Paige talks with Preacher about her real identity, and the situation surrounding her change. She explains that she lost custody of Christopher to an abusive husband, therefore saw running away as the only way out of the situation. She asks Preacher to keep the details private, but he tells her that he has already informed Jack; he assures her that Jack will not tell anyone.

Preacher becomes concerned when someone new enters the bar and compliments the Apple and Pear pie; he remarks that it is similar to the pie his wife used to make, which causes Preacher to ask more questions about the man. Preacher becomes worried that the man could be in town looking for Paige, given the pie is from her bakery. Preacher takes photographs of the man's vehicle and confers with the Sheriff about the owner. Jack arrives back at the bar moments later, and a confrontation between Jack, Preacher, and Brady occurs wherein Brady walks away from Jack's Bar for good. Preacher confides in Jack about Paige whilst Jack confides in Preacher about the pregnancy.

Tensions rise between Mel and Jack when the two talk about the pregnancy. Mel suggests that they call of the relationship between the two and go back to being friends, but Jack remarks that they are too involved with one another to do that; nonetheless, Mel makes it clear that she cannot be with someone who is having a child with another woman — especially when she herself cannot have children.

Vernon arrives at Hope's to pick her up for their dinner date, but Hope remarks that she is not feeling too good about her actions and doesn't feel like eating. Hope finally accepts Vernon's apology, remarking that she should've forgiven him sooner, but Vernon understands the strain his behaviour put on their marriage. Vernon is finally ready to let go of Hope and hands her newly drawn up divorce papers, citing that she only need sign and file the papers to end their marriage. Hope takes the papers but leaves the room in tears.

Mel drives home late at night and remembers the night of the crash that killed Mark. Mel blames herself for the accident given she told Mark that they needed to take a break moments before they were hit by a truck. She arrives at home and after a brief conversation with Jack, begins packing her things and calls Joey to tell her she is returning home to Los Angeles.

Preacher stops by Paige's house after he becomes worried about her but finds that she is not there. Preacher becomes increasingly worried for the safety of Paige and Christopher when he finds blood splatters on the floor of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Vernon and Hope talk once more about their divorce, which ends in a kiss between the two. The two begin kissing more and sleep together moments later.

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  • Hope and Vernon kiss for the first time since they separated.
  • Christopher's father and Paige Lassiter's husband is seen for the first time.